sherpa internal communications why

Why is it so important to have an effective internal communications strategy which is executed brilliantly?

Here are some of the areas where we can help you to make an impact.

  • Alignment of employees to company values and vision.
  • Send positive signals to talented employees, helping with retention and motivation.
  • Create positive word-of-mouth internally which spills naturally into the market.
  • Develop purposeful conversations amongst employees.
  • Expose different areas of the company to employees, indicating growth opportunities and developing improved synergies.
  • Build pride through association with company, divisional or employee successes.
  • Simply, to show that you respect your employees.

Having a brilliant internal communications programme is always meaningful but it becomes more intense under the following circumstances:

  • Company mergers or acquisitions, where there are all kinds of interesting but extremely challenging dynamics to deal with.
  • Rationalisation, where diverse divisions and cultures suddenly find themselves in the same space. On top of that, a couple of acquisitions create more tension.
  • Revitalisation of a company, moving employees from cynical, tired and same-old to excited, delighted and ignited. Well, that might be stretching things a tad but why not? Or, engaged, interested and proud would also be just fine!

Talk to elsa@sherpa.co.za or gary@sherpa.co.za about Sherpa’s Excited, Delighted and Ignited internal communications programme.